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The ROP42 manual call point equipped with the MAR42 module is designed to trigger an alarm by a person who has noticed a fire. ROP42 works in the detection line of the AFS42 control panel. Includes short-circuit isolator.

The principle of operation

Two ROP42 states are recognizable for the MAR42 electronic system: its absence and the alarm state. The MAR42 module has a coded unique address in a given AFS42 system – from 00 to 99. The AFS42 control panel “inquires” three times a second each ROP42 warning device connected to it, receiving in response all operating states and based on them makes decisions resulting from the system configuration. Breaking the glass, and thus pressing the button in the ROP42 call point, causes the sending of an alarm signal, which is treated by the AFS42 control panel as a 1st stage alarm. The ROP42 has a short-circuit isolator system implemented on the printed circuit board MAR42. The status of the isolator is not transferred to the control panel when polling the socket, while the control panel is able to locate which ROP42s have open isolators, based on the information of one-sided ROP42 responses in the loop line. ROP42, where the insulator is open, is powered and “seen” by the control panel from the side where there is no short-circuit.

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Type of linear element addressable with built-in short-circuit isolator
Supply voltage 20V (from 12V to 30V)
Power consumption 400uA
Cooperation with the fire alarm control panel AFS42
The principle of operation of the insulator two-way automatic voltage
Cut-off voltage 6V
Inserted series resistance 0,04Ohm
Type of transmission to the control panel digital
Protection against reverse power polarity yes
Line fault response time 10 ms
ROP dimentions 88 x 88 x 52 mm
Housing materialROPa red ABS
Level of security ROP is adequately protected against water ingress
Operating temperature range from -10 to +55C
Storage temperature range from -25 to +55C
Relative humidity 80%

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