relay module



Product description (expand/collapse)

The MPD50 relay module is used to control actuators connected to the output connectors of the MPD50 module using the specified control voltage: 5V, 12V or 24V DC, depending on the device model.

How it works (expand/collapse)

The MPD50 module is equipped with screw terminals with a maximum wire cross-section of 2.5 mm2.
The MPD50 module is mounted in a light gray plastic housing, adapted to be mounted on a DIN rail (ISO 35mm).

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage
MPD50-5 5V DC
MPD50-12 12V DC
MPD50-24 24V DC
Power consumption
MPD50-5 24mA
MPD50-12 10mA
MPD50-24 5mA
Relay contact current 10A
Working temperature 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity to 80% at 40°C
Weight plastic
Dimensions 35 x 90 x 66 mm
Weight 60g ± 10g

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