linear input/output module



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The MLW42 module, inserted in the detection line of the AFS42 system, allows you to control up to 4 universal outputs/inputs. The outputs are relay outputs for controlling external devices. Universal outputs, depending on the configuration, are automatically controlled by the appropriate alarm or failure in the AFS 42 system.

UW can also be configured as inputs for controlling the activation of other external devices or as general information inputs.

Principle of operation (expand/ collapse)

MLW42 module has 4 addresses assigned in the detection line AFS42. The MLW42 module is addressed in the same way as the OSD 63 detectors – using DONGLA 63. Note!!! The + DONGIEL 63 cable should be connected simultaneously to +LA and +LB. Only the lowest address in MLW42 is set, the other three will be set automatically, e.g. sending the settings of address 10 will automatically set the subsequent addresses to 11, 12, 13.

The configuration of LWs supported by MLW42 is identical to the UW configuration in the AFS42 control panel – see IT AFS42, but is done via the LW MENU (when configuring LWs, you must additionally provide the OSD63 ADDRESS – set in MLW42 using DONGLA 63). The lowest address set in MLW42 represents LW1 in the MLW42 module, the next LW2, etc.

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage 24VDC
Power consumption 50mA
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
Relative humidity up to 80% at 40°C
Casing ABS plastic (gray color)
Dimensions 200 x 150 x 80 mm
Ground with cables 250g ± 5g

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