MPW42 remote panel module


Product description (expand/collapse)

MPW42 is a device that allows you to control and supervise the operation of the AFS42 system from outside the AFS42 control panel installation site.
The MPW42 remote panel module operates fully automatically and does not require ongoing maintenance apart from connection activities (RS485 from the AFS42 control panel and 12V power supply) and appropriate configuration of the AFS42 control panel (MMX:01 and MMX:02 enabled).
Any signals appearing on the main panel of the AFS42 control panel will be visible on the MPW42 remote panel.
Signals and button functions operate simultaneously on the remote panel and the control panel.
The operation of the AFS42 system can be managed from both devices in parallel.

Construction (expand/collapse)

The MPW42 device is equipped with an electronic microprocessor system. It has a built-in display and keyboard (similar to the main board of the AFS42 control panel). The device has two connectors:
(E B A) connecting the RS485 communication line to the AFS42 control panel
(+ -) 12V DC power connection

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage 12-24V DC
Maximum current consumption 50 mA
Working temperature -0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity 80% at 40°C
Obudowa plastic (PS) in gray color
Dimentions 200 x 150 x 80 mm
Weight 450g ± 10g

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