GSM monitoring module for the AFS42 system



Product description (expand/collapse)

The MMG42 module is a device enabling monitoring of the status of the AFS42 fire control panel via the GSM network. When a failure or alarm event is detected, it sends an SMS informing you or makes a phone call to one or more telephone numbers configured in the device’s memory (up to a maximum of 8 numbers).

You can choose the scope of information provided:

  • select address range
  • zone range selection
  • selection of the type of failures reported
  • select alarm levels

The MMG module also enables remote control of the control panel by sending an SMS from an authorized telephone with the content “ALARM”, “CLEAR” and “STOP” (possibility of confirming and deleting alarms).

Construction (expand/collapse)

The MMG42 device is equipped with an electronic microprocessor module for USB communication and a GSM module for sending SMS messages.

The following connections are made from the device:

  • GSM antenna connection (depending on the mounting position of the device, the antenna can be turned into the second hole on the housing)
  • SIM card tray
  • USB socket (type B)
  • detachable RS485 screw socket, enabling connection of an RS485 communication line (cables A and B)
  • detachable screw socket for module power supply (+24V DC and GND cables).

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage 5V DC (from USB port), 24V DC (isolated)
Maximum current consumption 50 mA
Signaling three LED lights
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
Relative humidity 80% at 40°C
Casing plastic (PS) black
Dimensions 134 x 77 x 31 mm
Weight approx. 120g

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(32) 754 54 55

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NIP: 637-010-87-21