Addressable manual call point fire

Manual call point fire ROP42 with MAR42 module is designed to cause an alarm by the person who noticed the fire. ROP42 works in the line of regulatory control box AFS42. Contains a short circuit isolator.

The principle of operation

For an electronic circuit MAR42 are recognizable two United States ROP42: its lack of, and State of alert. MAR42 module has a unique address encoded in the system AFS42-from 00 to 99. Headquarters AFS42 three times per second "query" each attached to ROP42 in response, all operating States and on the basis thereof shall take the decisions arising from the configuration of the system. Clumping fast and thus pressing in ostrzegaczu ROP42 sends an alarm signal that by switching AFS42 is treated as an alarm. ROP42 has made on the printed circuit layout MAR42 short circuit isolator. The status of the insulator is not passed to the PBX when querying the slot, while the control unit is able to locate that ROP42 have opened insulators based on information partial responses ROP42 in the loop line. ROP42, in which the opening is an insulator is powered on and "seen" by switching from this page in which there are no short circuits.

Technical data

Type of line itemaddressable with built-in isolator circuit
Supply voltage20V (from 12V to 30V)
Current consumption400uA
Cooperation with the control board fire alarmAFS42
The principle of operation of the isolatorbi-directional automatic voltage
Cut-off voltage6V
Jailed series resistance0, 04Ohm
Type of transmission to the PanelDigital
Reverse polarity protection power supplyso
Response time on short circuit in line10 ms
The Dimensions Of The Oil88 x 88 x 52 mm
Housing material OilRed ABS
Degree of protectionIP54
Operating temperature range-25 to + 50th. (C)
Storage temperature range-25 to + 50th. (C)
Relative humidity80%
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VAT-ID: PL6370108721

REGON: 271109882