Dual Smoke and heat detector (optical-temperature)

Smoke and heat detector OSD63 (optical/thermal) works in the central surveillance fire alarm and włamaniowej and is designed to detect the presence of smoke in the air that is the product of burning or glowing common materials constituting the components and elements of Interior design as well as as well as temperature changes caused by phenomena are correlated. OSD63 detector is adapted to work in confined spaces, which in normal conditions, there is no smoke, dust.

Czujka OSD63

OSD63 (widok od strony kontaktów)

The principle of operation

Electronic detector ensures the proper functioning of the measuring system and logical in a wide range of voltages in line surveillance (from 12V to 28V) without change of measurement parameters.

The process of measuring the density of the smoke is to detect light reflected from particles of smoke that enters the inside of the measuring chamber through a slit in the shopping cart, and the holes in a special maze, that also makes it impossible to get to the inside of the light and insects. The design of the measuring Chamber is to immunize the detector OSD63 to external light, insects and accidental minor streaks of smoke e.g.. cigarette.

Detector logic enters the detector in alarm status when the smoke threshold will be disposable. Disabling the detectors from the State of alert is possible after complete przedmuchaniu detectors and reduce power below 1V for a minimum 1sec.

Selection of the wavelength of the measuring beam, beam geometry, and the angle between the axes of the optical elements determine the particular usefulness of the detector to detect smoke particles of large dimensions, characteristic for low energy fire-that is, oxygen and even glow of materials in the initial phase of the formation of fires.

Elements of detection of temperature changes in the surroundings of the OSD63 detector (2 listeners) run on różniczkowo redundant-identify significant temperature and/or exceeding the limit temperature.

Each detector is individually tested and calibrated to the desired smoke value and temperature threshold. The sensitivity of each detector is set in a special smoke chamber, maintaining a reproducible temperature, humidity and opacity conditions.

Gniazdo OSD63

USB dongle OSD63



The detector is composed of several plastic elements which can be folded without the use of specialized tools. This is to facilitate possible servicing (vacuuming, washinging of components) in the case of heavily contaminated rooms in which the auto compensation algorithm exhausted its possibilities of adaptation.

An integral part of each detector is the GN63 socket. They are designed to maximize simplification and reduce the time needed to run the detector on the system. Connecting the wires to the socket is the pushing of the insulated tip into the side opening of the liner (as described on the socket). The connection is done without the use of tools (such as a screwdriver) and can be done with one hand.

Program konfiguracyjny


Odczyt zabrudzenia



Thanks to the use of the OSD63 detector, an advanced, energy-efficient microcontroller, it was possible to equip it with an extensive detection and control algorithm. This allows the following functionalities to be implemented in the OSD63 detector:

  • Optical sensor Enable/disable (heat detector)
  • enabling/disabling thermal detectors (Optical detector)
  • Enable/disable auto-compensation of dirt
  • Selecting the operating mode of the external operating indicator (NC/NO)
  • Constant additional current consumption (+ 10mA, + 20ma)
  • Ability to support external conventional ROP push button (call) with separate AFS52 address and choice of response and alarm thresholds
  • Selecting Alarm Mode
    • Snap
    • Deletable
    • Conjunction
    • AR mode (auto reset 1s/6s)
  • Built-in relay support (NC/NO mode selection)
  • Additional Alarm currents (+ 10mA, + 20ma) over standard 20ma currents
  • Address configuration (AFS42, AFS42 ROP, WK address)
  • LED signaling options (independent power on/off option)
    • Surveillance signalling
    • Contamination detection
    • Fault indication (or critical contamination)
    • Distinguishing the alarm source (smoke/heat)
    • Constant alarm current When selecting the option to distinguish the source of an alarm
  • Ability to read detector contamination status
  • Support for communication by various intermediary devices
    • USB dongle OSD63 (5v)
    • Power dongle USB OSD63 (24v)
    • AFS42 Unit and MCU42 module

Technical data

StandardPN-EN 54-5:2000 + A1:2002, PN-EN 54-7:2000 + A1:2002 + A2:2006
Watch classA1r
The certificateNo 1438/CPR/0452, CNBOP-PIB
Surveillance voltage20V (12V be 28V)
Current surveillance35 μA
Current alertin accordance with the chart
Optical indicators2 PCs. Red LED
Operating temperature range-25 ° c to + 70 ° c
A static response temperature+ 54 ° c to + 65 ° c
Temperature range. store-30 ° c to + 60 ° c
Relative humidity95% at 40 ° c
Weight watch140 g (+/-5 g)
The dimensions of the49/109 mm

VAT-ID: PL6370108721

REGON: 271109882