Converter fire lines to the emergency

Fire line converter KLP47P (conventional line of fire alarm and detection systems) to the line of intrusion alarm systems robbery allows you to connect a conventional, two-wire line with fire detectors to fire line sześcioprzewodowej central unit włamaniowej

The principle of operation

The converter has two relays, switch under the influence of the alarm signal detectors and tamper signal (line break, remove the watch from the socket). Switches the status of the action of relay (NC/NO) and modes of operation are available in the form of raised loops in different colors (“Jumper”). Factory settings of the device: all jumper shorted (tamper function, relays in NC-mode, enabled autoreset, the erase feature is disabled first alarm with detector).

The figure shows the State of the relay contact for the device to its factory settings after power-on in the surveillance state: Compact 3 4 and 6 of the 7.

The alarm indicator flashes, you will: watch any AL approximately every 6 seconds and switch the ALARM relay contacts (compact 7 and 8)-this is the “alarm” signal to the control box włamaniowej.
Interruption of the line detector will control the lighting up of the AL and switching relay SAB (compact 4 and 5)-this is a sabotage signal for control box włamaniowej.

Dozorowa line has a short circuit protection-short circuit in line is indicated by blinking the lights AL, switching ALARM relay (short-circuited 7 and 8), it switches the lights SAB and switching relay SAB (compact 4 and 5). Gaping red jumper (autoreset) causes the latch alarm status: (compact 7 and 8) and steady AL control until power off the device.

The yellow and the blue jumper change the working mode signalling relays with NC (compact-new condition) to NO (open).
Gaping black jumper enables function-the cancellation of the first alarm Watch (invalidation of the accidental alarms with detectors).

In the line of regulatory (terminals 1 and 2) can work up to 50 OSD23 detectors with zgniazdami GNP18, the alarm may occur at the same time, in a maximum of 12 detectors.

Dozorowa line must end with the end resistor with a value of 2, 7kΩ, mounted in the last slot in the line of cameras.

Technical data

Supply voltage 12V DC
Maximum current consumption
-able to the surveillance 40ma for 2xNC 15mA for 2xNO
-able to alert 160ma power supply
Relay contacts rating 24V/1A (125V/0, 5A)
The control Green-power supply device
Red-alarm status line of regulatory
yellow-the State of sabotage in a line of regulatory
Jumpers yellow-the status of the relay SAB (compact: NC, gaping: NO)
blue-state relay (compact: NC, gaping: NO)
Red-autoreset (compact: autoreset line surveillance, gaping: latch alarm)
Black-erase function (compact: the delete feature is disabled, gaping: cancel first alarm detector)
Operating temperature range -25 ° C to + 55 ° C
Relative humidity up to 80% at + 40 ° c
The weight of the 100 g
The dimensions of the 90 x 70 mm 105x

VAT-ID: PL6370108721

REGON: 271109882