Array module p.l.c.

The driver array p.l.c. MTS42 is designed to support the synoptic boards or other devices Sentinel in AFS42. Synoptic Board is a device with a group of indicators that can be used to indicate the status of the individual parts of the system (for example, AFS42. an array of LEDs with the given names of the rooms). MTS42 is responsible for the processing of information that is sent by AFS42 and control of the outputs to which are connected the indicators. MTS42 distinguishes between three States of AFS42 (addresses and zone) is a failure, the alarm and the degree and the alarm of the second degree. In addition, MTS42 is able to signal the United States special and General failures the Panel. Because the MTS42 is able to control the 25 indicators therefore need to build an array of p.l.c. with more indicators can be in Windows AFS42 to install at the same time more than one module MTS42.

The principle of operation

Module performance boils down to two main modes: configuration mode and the surveillance mode.
In configuration mode, the module is connected to your computer via USB. USB provides power and communication with the computer. From your computer, in a dedicated program to support MTS42, fixed is and sent to the module configuration.
Surveillance mode MTS42 is powered with a dedicated power supply 12V DC and is connected to the RS485 bus headquarters AFS42. Thanks to all the time monitors the status of the control panel and if necessary starts the correct output in accordance with the configuration saved in non-volatile FLASH internal memory.
Configuration of the module, supported the United States and a precise description of the control outputs (flashing) was explained in detail the operating instructions of the module.

Technical data

Supply voltage 5V (USB), 12V DC (supervision)
Current consumption 50ma
Limitation of output current at the terminals of the 1-25 by using resistors 1.2 k ohm-10mA 600 ohm-20mA 240 ohm-50mA 120 ohm-100mA
Current protection total for exit # 1-25 500mA
Operating temperature -20 ° c to + 40 ° c
Relative humidity up to 80% at 40 ° c
Casing the plastic DIN rail
The dimensions of the 107 x 90 x 66 mm
Mass 100 g ± 5 g
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