GNW12, GNW24

Socket for alarm systems

The socket is used to connect the GNW12 alarm OSD23 detectors to a typical alarm system at operating voltage of the line detector 12V, GNW24 in-line voltage 24V. Apart from the power slot detectors GNW12 (GNW24) allows you to connect an insulated plated line, sabotażowej line, and allows you to easily disconnect the detector from the place of installation for the purposes of the maintenance (cleaning).
The slot in the AR (GNW12AR, GNW24AR) have a built-in feature autoresetu detector, causing the cessation of the alert after the smoke.

In the anchor alarm relay socket (Terminal 4) advances the position at the time of the OSD23 detector alarm about the presence of smoke (lit red LED on the detector):

  • In GNW12 (GNW24) for the duration of the OSD23 detector signaling the presence of smoke,
  • In AR: GNW12AR (GNW24AR) cyclically at about 1s every 6s, until the end of the signaling of the presence of smoke by a OSD23 detector.

After the smoke anchor goes back to the surveillance.

OSD23R, OSD23MR-smoke detectors in R and automatically revert to the surveillance state from a State of alert after the smoke (automatic, delete the alarm status and return to state surveillance after the smoke).
GNW12AR or GNA24AR-in AR during the alert detector connected OSD23 recursively change the position of the anchor alarm relay ok. 1s every 6 seconds. After the smoke anchor goes back to the surveillance.
Both devices listed above (the detector in R, and MR, and connections in AR) function autoresetu in different ways and may not function together!

The construction of the

Jack GNW12 (GNW24) is built as a single electronic module embedded in the plastic housing for mounting on the ceiling using e.g.. dowels in the spacing 90 mm. The device is equipped with connectors for connecting the detector OSD23/03 and a constituting terminal strip screw connections line detector. Alarm relay (3, 4, 5) and dip switch TAMPER sabotage (6.7) are isolated from the electronic module. Housing (realized in the form of a plastic latch) mechanical lock that prevents removal of the detector OSD23 from the socket without using the key. The abandonment of the lock is on the plastic has been broken off the latch before screwing on the detector.

Technical data

Power supply GNW12 12V DC
Power supply GNW24 24V DC
Current surveillance GNW12 (along with the detector OSD23):-NC-NO 12 .5MA 0 .1mA
Current surveillance GNW24 (along with the detector OSD23):-NC-NO 12 .5MA 0 .1mA
Current alert GNW12 (along with the detector OSD23):-NC-NO 8 .5MA 20 .5MA
Current alert GNW24 (along with the detector OSD23):-NC-NO 25 .5MA 37mA
The strength of the current relay contacts 1000ma at 24V
The maximum current the pins 3, 4, 5 100mA
Operating temperature -25 ° c to + 55 ° c
Dimensions-diameter-height 102 mm 21 mm
The weight of the 67 g
Distance between mounting holes 90 mm
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