Socket for conventional systems

GNP18 Jack is used to connect the detector OSD 23 to fire system. Apart from the power of the detector GNP18 socket allows you to connect an external indicator, and allows you to easily disconnect the detector from the place of installation for the purposes of service-cleaning.

The construction of the

The GNP18 socket is used to connect the OSD23 detector to a typical fire system. In addition to the proper supply of the detector, the GNP18 socket allows connection of the external operating indicator, and allows the detector to be easily disconnected from the installation site for service purposes-cleaning.

Before screwing the OSD23 detector to the GNP18 socket, attention should be paid to the existing safety lock to prevent unauthorised unscrewing of the detector from the socket. To remove the lock, break the tab (lug) in the plastic housing of the seat (see figure of the socket below).
Turning the detector secured by a lock on the socket requires the use of a wrench and consists of pushinging the key to a special hole on the circumference of the detector, grasping the detector with the hand in such a way that the hand to push the detector to the watch should cause the inserting key to be Surface of the lower detector) and then rotate the detector to pull out of the socket.

The manufacturer does not provide for special maintenance. Depending on the operating conditions of the unit, the condition of the screw connections (loose terminals) can be checked periodically. Maintenance works should be performed with the power switched off and the supply voltage of the actuator is switched off via the relay.

The GNP slot 18 is built as a plastic fitted with connectors for connecting detectors OSD 23, suitable for mounting on the ceiling using e.g.. dowels in the spacing 90 mm. Housing (realized in the form of a plastic latch) mechanical lock that prevents removal of the detector without the use of socket 23 OSD key. The abandonment of the lock is on the plastic has been broken off the latch before screwing on the detector.

Technical data

Supply voltage12-30V DC
Operating temperature-25 ° c to + 55 ° c
Dimensions-diameter-height102 mm 21 mm
The weight of the47g
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