Stand-alone device driver regulations

Stand-alone ASW45 driver is designed to run (by non-earthed contacts relay) actuators that are elements of the fire system. such as fans, lights, vents.

Actuators are enabled through the module when it detects smoke detector by OSD 23. Turning off is after about 30s from the moment when the detector no longer signal the presence of smoke.

The principle of operation

Control of actuators is made by potential-free relay contacts. The position of the anchor in the State is a reflection of surveillance relay jumper NC/NO-see technical data.

When at least one detector connected to the controller detects the presence of smoke in the air, it switches the relay anchor in a State of alarm. The detector in alarm increases current consumption in line with regulatory values 50uA to the value of 20mA.

Alarm status is indicated a lit control AL. After the alarm signal the chimney flue of the detector module automatically resets the line combines video management unless it was cut short. The intersection of Red jumpers will “latch” State of alert the watch-alarm status can then be deleted or the exclusion of power or by using the supplied to terminals RESET switch.

Following the cessation of smoke, when the detector stops alarm after a reboot (or autoresecie), the relay contacts remain in alarm position for about 30 sec unless it was cut short black-the intersection of this jumper will cause the lack of “drag” alarm relay contacts.

Attach to the terminals 1 and 2 (manual on. .) -any device switch normally open alarm to toggle the relay permanently from the State of surveillance in a State of alert. This allows the independent status of the detector turning on the device.
Attach to the terminals 5 and 6 (RESET)-any monostabilnego switch normally open alarm, alarm status allows you to reset the detector-used if the autoresetu function will be turned off.

State of the relay contacts in different States of the device depends on the setting of the jumper NC/NO available in the form of a hanging loop of wire in blue.

  • NC setting (factory-no jumper cut): without the power supply shorted contacts 9 out of 10 and 12 of 13, power compact contacts 10 of 11 and 13 of 14, at the time of the alarm and tamper shorted contacts 9 out of 10 and 12 of 13
  • Setting NO (short cut): without the power supply shorted contacts 9 out of 10 and 12 of 13, power compact contacts 9 out of 10 and 12 of 13, at the time of the alarm and tamper compact contacts 10 of 11 and 13 of 14

The driver is equipped with short circuit protection of the line detector. Short circuit the line turns off of line voltage, switching the relay in the alarm status and steady lights SAB and flashing control AL. After removal of the short circuit driver automatically enters the surveillance state.

Like a short-circuit, the driver reacts to the removal of the detector slot or a break in the line-the so-called. SABOTAGE. It will then switch to the relay and steady SAB controls. PLEASE NOTE! In the last slot must be installed end resistor = 2, 7kΩ.
You can eliminate the relay switching in the event of sabotage or a short circuit in line through the intersection of the yellow jumper-signalling controls will remain unchanged.

Technical data

Supply voltage 24V DC (10V-28V)
Maximum current consumption:-(60 seconds) in the surveillance state-in alarm 55 mA 15 mA (NO) 200 has
Relay contacts rating 230V/8A
Operating temperature -25 ° c to + 55 ° c
Relative humidity 80% at 40 ° c
The weight of the Ok. 100 g
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