Fire alarm fire headquarters

Fire Panel AFS42 is an essential element, based on which you can build a modern fire alarm system in small and medium-sized objects. Allows you to identify the place of formation of a fire, and to automatically run independently programmed devices. Fire headquarters AFS42 was designed for the building fire alarm system customized to a specific object. In order to obtain the required number of lines to match every in and out for actuators, you can connect up to five central fire AFS42 in one system. This also allows you to build a distributed system, which are connected by a RS485 network only the centrale, and the rest of the connections is local within each central. The entire system is managed from one control panel. In order to increase reliability, the RS485 network is carried on two independent tracks. In addition, in the case of simultaneous failure of communication on both tracks centrale come work independent.

AFS42 centrala ppoż

AFS42 (widok z tyłu)

The principle of operation

Working fire box AFS42 is based on the performance of programs in three cooperating microprocessors-based on the configuration of the entered into memory by Exchange Setup. Are controlled continuously three independent news channels: the State of the line surveillance, State power system AC adapter with the battery. Any discrepancies between the system configuration and the facts are immediately processed in the United States and alarm signals. Configuration control box allows you to group addresses in the line surveillance in the zones, set up different levels of alert for addresses and zones to automatically go to work without staff, setting up equipment, placing text descriptions for addresses, zones, performing devices. All events that occur during system operation are saved in non-volatile memory events, and then you can view them in the display box. In the work of the microprocessor control box are included multilevel security systems from data loss or "suspension" of the program. Fire Panel AFS42 supports one line combines video management, which can be controlled 100 addresses.


System built with five central has five line surveillance, 500 addresses and 20 outputs for actuators. Looping line allows you to continue all surveillance despite the short circuit or interruption of the line. Fire Panel AFS42 control presence detectors in line (working correctly) and alarm status of the detector. Fire headquarters AFS42 has been on line installed surveillance adresowalnymi smoke and heat sensors OSD63A and adresowalnymi manual manual call points are correlated to ROP42. OSD63 and ROP42 contain the sequencer system with double insulator short circuits. Using modules to match every MAR42 can be applied on any 2-State fire alarm detectors, in which the State of alert is characterized by an increase in the power supply or short circuits in the circuit. MAR42 module also performs the function of the adapter side line.

Technical data

Number of zones defined 50
The possibility of networking Yes-up to 5 control units
Type of units addressable
Number of relay outputs 4
Maximum current relays contacts 1A
Configured the properties of the relay outputs:-NC/NO-potential/dry-supervised/not supervised-mute Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-stage alarm organisation so
Alerting interdependent so
Capacity alarm counter 500 events
Real time clock so +/-2s per day
The number of the line surveillance 1
Line type of regulatory loop
The maximum number of items in the line 100
The maximum number of items in the line, taking into account the side lines 120
The maximum number of items in a single lateral line 4
Line voltage detector 20V
The maximum current in the surveillance state 400ma
Allowable capacity effective line 100nF
Allowable inductance line 0, 1mH
Permissible line resistance 80Ohm
Short circuit isolator Panel output circuit so
Short circuit isolator in each element of the line so
Set the delay signals so
-waiting for the confirmation of an alarm from 0 to 40 min every 10s
-identification of the event after confirmation from 0 to 40 min every 10s
-delay control alarm outputs from 0 to 40 min every 10s
Alerting interdependent so
Number of zones 50
Capacity report alarms 10 000 events
Real time clock so +/-2s per day
Recommended line cable regulatory YnTKSYekw 1x2x0, 8
Connect the cable screen line of regulatory unilaterally to the Housing Panel
Recommended signal cable HLGs 2 x 1, 0
Earth, housing the head office sinew PE power cord
The possibility of networking Yes-up to 5 central
Connect the RS485 cable screen unilaterally to the Housing Panel
The software version of the control panel Ac5 AS5

VAT-ID: PL6370108721

REGON: 271109882