CONDITIONS of warranty purchased at LEP


1. The warranty period for products manufactured by us is 2 years from the date of purchase with the exceptions contained in section 2.

2. The warranty period for OSD23 and OSD63 detectors is 10 years.

3. The manufacturer warrants that the factory defect will be removed free of charge within the warranty period as soon as possible (up to 14 working days) from the time the device is delivered to the manufacturer. In justified cases, this time limit may be extended.

4. The advertised device should be delivered to the manufacturer only at the expense of the user with information about the type of damage or the description of malfunctions. Shipments sent at the producer's expense will not be received.

5. In case of a reasonable warranty claim, the manufacturer bears the costs of returning the device to the user. If the advertised device is operational (including poor configuration or contamination in the case of detectors), the user is responsible for the return costs.

6. The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • Improper transport, installation and operation incompatible with technical documentation or incompatible with the intended purpose
  • repair, alteration or alteration of the design by the user or other unauthorized persons,
  • accidents (e.g.. Storm, flood, spill, etc.).

7. The warranty does not cover consumables such as fuses, batteries.

8. Damage caused by the reasons mentioned in p. 5 can be removed only at the expense of the user. Detector cleaning OSD23 we charge only for models manufactured before April 2003.

9. Provided the implementation of warranty repair is to provide devices with intact label with the serial number and a purchase document.

10. The mail service as well as the software service (advice, support) is only via email.

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